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Bay Treasureís SKEWER brings to you the perfect barbecue party with live grill and wide variety of meat and fresh sea food that will get your taste buds tingling. Itís an ideal dining experience for friends and family while they gather around a sizzling live grill placed right on individual tables. It provides for enjoyment, good food, laughter and a sensational view of the beach.

SKEWER allows you to grill your own dishes to match your taste. Baste your food with your favorite marinade and give it that finishing touch that you prefer. It also offers a sumptuous buffet that includes mouth watering desserts. It has a display kitchen, where you will see the chef at his best preparing your meal. It also has a mocktail bar to delight guests.


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About Bay Treasure

Summer Special
The swimming pool is open till 8pm all through this summer for our guests to enjoy long cool hours in the pool.