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Soak up the sun, while you relax by H2O, Bay Treasure’s Olympic size swimming pool with pool chairs for you to soak up the sun with a cold mocktail for company. You can relish a quiet breakfast by the pool or savor delicious cuisine too by the sparkling waters. We also organize pool parties with relaxing drinks and fine dining under the stars.

Rules & Regulations
1. Shower in the designated area before entering the pool.

2. Acceptable swim wear must be worn to enter the pool. Must wear a swimming cap if you have long hair.

3. Wearing jewellery while swimming is not advisable.

4. Children under 4 years or who are not toilet trained must wear swim diapers or plastic swim pants/suit.

5. Kids under 7 years and/or less than 4feet tall must be accompanied by an adult.

6. No pets in or around the pool area.

7. No outside food or drink will be allowed in the pool area.

8. No eating, drinking or smoking while in the pool.

9. No swimming during rain or thunder.

10. Guests who appear to be under the influence of alcohol will not be allowed in the pool.

11. Spitting, spouting and nose blowing in the pool is strictly prohibited.

12. Please do not use abusive language or disturb other guests in and around the pool.

13. Management is not responsible for your personal belongings.

14. Diving into the poll is strictly prohibited.

15. No life guard on duty. Only guests who know how to swim may enter the pool.

PS: The above rules and regulations must be followed at all times and are non-negotiable. The resort is not responsible for any incident that occurs due to flouting rules and regulations. These are in interest of your safety and to ensure you have a good time.


About Bay Treasure
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About Bay Treasure

Summer Special
The swimming pool is open till 8pm all through this summer for our guests to enjoy long cool hours in the pool.