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1. How do I arrange transportation to the resort?
If you need airport transfers, please contact

2. Are beach towels provided by the resort?
Yes, beach towels are provided by the resort.

3. How much cash should we carry?
You will most likely not need any cash while on property. Our gift shops and front desks will accept most major credit cards. However, if you are planning to travel off property for shopping and such, we recommend bringing some cash along as some vendors do not accept credit cards or travelerís checks.

4. Is a passport required to travel to your resorts?
If traveling from the US; please check as each country's requirements differ, please contact your travel agency or airline to obtain travel documents or entry requirements for traveling to the resort of your choice.

5. What is the dress code for the restaurants?
There is no formal dress code at Bay Treasure, casual outfits are acceptable.

6. Is Bay Treasure safe for women managers and entrepreneurs who travel alone?
Bay Treasure has made special security arrangements to ensure the safety of all guests, especially of women travelling alone.

7. Does Bay Treasure provide food of choice and halal meat?
Bay Treasure provides all varieties of food as per guests' choice. You can avail your diet food or customize standard menus to meet your needs. We serve only Halal meat.

8. Does Bay Treasure have laundry service?
Bay Treasure has a laundry service for the convenience of the guests.

9. Does Bay Treasure provide round the clock room service?
Yes, Bay Treasure has 24X7 room service for the comfort of our guests.

About Bay Treasure

To be the resort of choice in India through service excellence and customer centricity.
- Bay Treasure
About Bay Treasure
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About Bay Treasure

We have a surprise gift for people who spend a minimum of Rupee2500 at Bay Treasure.